10 Super Inspirational Smile Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Let us tell you something interesting, even though there are huge differences between the way we express ourselves and the human cultures, according to some psychologist, they discovered that our facial expressions have a degree of popularity that goes beyond time and place.

And each of the thousands of muscles in our faces, they serve to reinforce and one of our six basic emotions and those are fear, enjoyment, anger, sadness, disgust, and surprise. But the most powerful expression of them all would be the smile.

Facts About the Smiley Expression


Smiling is a universal expression that is considered to be people’s way of displaying happiness. We can communicate with it to the people outside of our country, despite the differences of language, but it can also be a welcoming sign for the new that we have met for the first time.

However, in some countries like the former Soviet Union and some parts of Asia, smiling consider them as dishonest. But no matter what case it is, the muscles on our faces has the ability to boost up our moods. In this article, we will bring up several quotes that would bring a couple more smiles on your face.

Top 10 Inspirational Smile Quotes to Lift Up Your Mood

According to some studies, smiling not only improves your mood but also your body’s stress response as it improves and activates your neuropeptides. Aside from acting as your stress release, smiling has also been found to improve your immune function and lower your blood pressure.

In addition, helping others can also be a great source of joy for anybody. Therefore, this article will not only help lift your mood up, but it also lifts ours because knowing that we have brought a smile, even if it’s just a small one, on your faces can also bring joy to us.


So, without further ado, here are the best smile quotes that could cheer you up:

1.Starting today, you should start smiling in the mirror. If you continuously do that every morning, you will start to see some big differences in your life.”- Yoko Ono


2 .Giving encouragement to others is something that anyone can give. Someone or somebody will need what you can give. It may not be your cash, but it may be your listening ear, time, arms for encouragement, or your smile to uplift their moods. Who knows?”- Joel Osteen



3.You should share your smile to the world as it is a symbol of peace and friendship.”- Christie Brinkley


4.You have never lost your smile at all. In fact, it’s right below your nose and you just forgot that it was there for quite some time now.”- Anonymous


5.Always look for possible opportunities to make others smile, while offering some random act of kindness in your everyday life.”- Roy T. Bennett


6.A real person smiles during troubles gather some strength in times of distress, and grows brave once they see some reflection.”- Thomas Paine


7.Lighten yourself up and just enjoy your life, smile frequently, laugh frequently, and try not to get yourself worked up too much about some things in life.”- Kenneth Branagh


8.If you only have one smile in you, then you should give it to the people you love. You’ll gain more happiness this way.”- Maya Angelou


9.Smile, smile, and smile in your mind as often as you can. Smiling even if it’s only in your mind can considerably reduce the tearing tension in your mind.”- Sri Chinmoy


10.What the sunshine is to the flowers, is much like what smiles are to humanity. Yes, there would be trifles, which is scattered along your life’s way, but the good they bring to your life is downright extraordinary.”- Joseph Addison

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to things about happiness, smiling is not only our body’s way of expressing joy in our minds, but it is also our body’s way of creating positive emotions in us even on the worst-case scenario. Taking a couple of minutes of your days by smiling intentionally will help improve your confidence and boost in some positive energy in you.

Remember, everything that happens in your life has a reason, and the only way that you can cope up with it is by living it, loving it, and learning from it. Therefore, change the world with your smile, but don’t let the world change the smile on your face.

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