11 Health Benefits of Smiling

Smiling can have a positive effect on our overall well-being. A genuine smile can make us look more trustworthy, attractive, and even intelligent. But, are you aware that smiling often can improve your health? In actual fact, research has revealed that there are lots of health benefits associated with smiling. To give you an idea, listed below are the 11 health benefits of smiling that you need to know.

Surprising Health Benefits of Smiling

1. Smiling relieves stress

Smiling or laughing more often whether you are feeling or happy or not will actually help your body in dealing with stressful circumstances more effectively. As stated in one study, smiling may possibly result in lower heart rates most especially during a stressful task.


As a matter of fact, stress causes increases in blood pressure and heart rate. Having that said, keeping a smile in your face whenever you are stressed offers you with physical and psychological health benefits.

2. Improve Mood

When you are feeling blue, don’t forget to smile as it can help you in boosting your mood. Smiling, on the other hand, might be advantageous for individuals who are dealing with depression and anxiety.

However, by making yourself laugh and smile when you are sad you will be able to increase positive feelings and more importantly, improve your mood.  Thus, if you are having a very bad day, try laughing – it might lift your spirits and result to a real smile.

3. Low Heart Rate


Another good thing about smiling is that will relax your body and slows the heart. As a matter of fact, this will allow your heart to work without overtasking. If you laugh and smile often, you are less likely to suffer from heart disease. In addition to that, smiling momentarily lessens blood pressure.

4. Strengthens or Improves Immune System

Whether you believe it or not, smiling also makes your immune system much stronger as it helps your body in fighting illness by producing white blood cells.

As what we have mentioned a while ago, a smile can help your body to relax and this will allow the immune system to react effectively and more quickly against invaders.

5. It kills pain


Another surprising health benefit of smiling is that it is capable of killing pains. In fact, it has been shown to aid in easing any pain which you may possibly be experiencing.

Smiling, on the other hand, can also release endorphins that can make you feel happy. Such hormones are commonly known as natural painkillers that can help you in easing the pain you’re experiencing.

6. It will make you look younger

Studies have shown, that smiling can make you look about three years younger. In fact, smiling can lift your face naturally. What’s more, it might keep away frown lines which you may possibly get. As a result, this can aid you to look fresher and younger.

7. Better Relationships

It is very obvious that individuals who smile more often are considered much likable compared to individuals who do not smile. Being nice, however, can aid you in building and keeping a better relationship with people easily that is crucial for your overall well-being and health at the same time.

Actually, one study has shown that persons with positive emotions tend to have a better interpersonal skill and more stable marriage compared to persons with undesirable emotions. Thus, always wear a big smile in order to create healthier and stronger social bonds.

8. Increase Attention

There is no doubt, stress may possibly narrow your attention and limit your perception. Your body kick into either flight or fight mode in which you can only concentrate on one thing. Fortunately, smiling can counteract this and will widen your attention again.

9. Live Longer

The effects of smiling will not only give you a good look it can also give you a longer life. In actual fact, people who tend to smile more often will live a longer life.

According to a study, if you smile often you may possibly extend your life around seven years as smiling releases stress and help your heart.

10. Exercise Face Muscles

Did you know that a simple smile involves nearly six pairs of muscles? Actually, whenever you smile your placing those muscles to action and offer them regular and free exercise. In addition, it’s also held that smiling is much better compared to undergoing a facelift.

11. It can retrain your brain for the better

Though the brain is inclined naturally to think in adverse terms as a defense mechanism, the usual action of smiling can help the mind to move in a more positive area.

As a matter of fact, by making laughing or smiling a part of your daily practice, you may possibly help your brain to make loops of happiness which encourage a positive thinking pattern.


As you can see, smiling has lots to offer. It is beneficial for your overall well-being, mind, as well as the body. Either way, even though you are feeling sad or down, don’t forget to crack a smile most especially if you want to reap the several health benefits of smiling. Hopefully, this content inspires you to smile a lot.

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