Am I Too Old For Adult Braces?

If you think that you are too old to wear braces, then you need to think again. Braces aren’t only made for adolescents, they are actually made for everybody. Don’t allow your age keep you from consulting an orthodontist.

Orthodontic treatment opportunities for adults are actually not much diverse than the options offered for younger patients. However, some adults tend to look for more understated treatment methods, after all, they are not a child anymore – they socialize, they have jobs, and they run errands.

Having a beautiful smile even during your treatment might be a main concern for you and a reliable and trusted orthodontics can help you accomplish it. Unlike before, braces nowadays are thinner making them difficult to see.


However, adults have complex cases sometimes for some reasons. For instance, adults might have worn or distorted teeth, fillings, missing teeth, or other issues. Fortunately, such conditions are within the dominion of treatment experience of your orthodontist. As a matter of fact, it is one of the many reasons why it is crucial to ensure that you’re being cured by a trusted orthodontist. Nevertheless, read on to know more about braces for adults.

Few Things to Keep in Mind

When you are considering an orthodontic treatment in order to correct a longstanding bite or cosmetic issues or remedy effects of tooth loss, below are the important things that you need to keep in mind:

  • The overall process might take longer for adults than an adolescent or child. Even though the time needed to straighten your teeth differ from patient to patient, the treatment will last about 24 months on average.
  • Adults’ bones have stopped developing. As a result, some physical changes can’t be attained without undergoing surgery.
  • When you are planning to wear braces, you need to consult an orthodontist as well as a general dentist to make sure the treatment isn’t complicated and might result in gum disease.

Different Types of Braces for Adults

1. Damon Braces

This type of brace is so discreet. As a matter of fact, your family, friends, and even your colleagues might not notice that you are wearing braces. Such braces, do not need colored rubber tires that have high-tech orthodontic wires which need a less frequent adjustment compared to traditional braces.


Damon braces, on the other hand, are considered one of the most attractive, easiest, and most comfortable treatments for grown-ups who need braces.


2. Invisalign

Another treatment option for grownups who need braces. Invisalign is very popular these days because instead of wires and braces, your teeth will be aligned or straighten using comfortable, durable, and clear plastic trays.

The good thing about this treatment option is that you can floss and more importantly, you can remove them when eating and brushing. Indeed, Invisalign is a comfortable and convenient option making it ideal for adults.



3. Lingual Braces

These braces are usually placed behind your teeth so that other people will not notice that you are currently having treatment. Having that said, lingual braces are nearly invisible. What’s more, they work quickly just like convention braces.

But, lingual braces are more expensive compared to other treatment options because they’re customized. Nevertheless, after the treatment is successfully completed, the orthodontist may possibly want you to use a retainer.


4. Self-ligating Braces

In this treatment, the wire will pass over a small clip on the brace. Typically, self-ligating braces remove the need for flexible bands to aid move your teeth.


Getting Braces As An Adult: Are There Any Bad Side Effects?

Due to developments in orthodontic treatment selections, having braces is more comfortable and much safer than ever.

Similar to any other medical procedures, physical interference with any parts of the body, including the teeth may possibly carry some dangers. However, these dangers might be minimized especially of the treatment is done under the regulation of specialist orthodontists. Either way, here are the possible risks that you may experience if you get braces as an adult:

  • Root shortening
  • Dental nerve damage
  • Discomfort in your jaw joint
  • Enamel demineralization
  • Gum recession
  • Gum infection
  • Ulcers and scratches on the tongue and cheeks
  • Mild discomfort
  • Toothaches

While the above-mentioned risks may occur after or during your orthodontic treatment, generally, they are quite unusual, particularly if your treatment is managed and carefully planned by a specialist and registered orthodontist.

However, some issues like oral irritation might be alleviated by using a clear aligner rather than braces.


The opportunity for a beautiful, sweet, and healthy smile hasn’t passed you by. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to spend the rest of your life concealing your smile. When it comes to braces age doesn’t really matter. So why leave yourself to a life with misaligned or crowded teeth if there’s a way that you can fix it.

If safety is your main concern, no worries because as what we have mentioned a while ago, braces nowadays are much safe compared before. But, if you are already planning to wear braces make sure to consult a specialist and registered orthodontist and dentist to avoid any complications which may possibly worsen your condition.

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