Do You Feel Better When You Smile?

Do you believe that when you smile you will feel better? Well, honestly it is true. In actual fact, smiling makes you happier. Every time we laugh or smile our brain feels very happy.

Studies, on the other hand, have shown that smiling whether it is real or fake has a profound effect on one’s emotional experience. Smiling, on the other hand, triggers a decline in stress improving hormones as well as upsurges the production of mood-improving hormones.

However, if you’re not satisfied that smiling can make you feel better then keep on reading. Below we have compiled 6 surprising reasons why smiling can make you happy and feel better.


Six Reasons Why Smiling Can Make You Happy and Feel Better

1. It reduces stress

When you are smiling, it actually affects particular muscles within your body which makes feel better and happy. On the other hand, the movement of muscles in the face releases a chemical known as endorphins that trigger positive feelings. In actual fact, this chemical can lower the levels of your stress that improves your overall mood.

Even though you’re not feeling better or happy, endorphins can hoax your body to thinking that you are. Thus, the more you stimulate your brain to discharge such chemicals and smile, the happier you’ll feel.

2. It can improve mood

As a matter of fact, your facial expressions do more than communicate your current mood. Apart from that, facial expressions have the capability to impact your mood. Though, emotions might originate in your brain the muscles in your face can either transform or reinforce such feelings.


A recent study has shown that over the augmentation of positive feelings or the defeat of negative ones using facial expression, an individual’s moods start to align more powerfully with the emotion his/her face is talking to.

3. Smiling can help your heart

Apart from reducing stress, the discharge of endorphins through laughing as well as smiling can also lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. Meaning to say, the possibility that you will suffer from cardiovascular problems such as heart disease will be lowered by simply cracking a smile.

In actual fact, endorphins can offer myriads of benefits and more importantly, a simple smile can make you feel good both on the inside as well as the outside.

4. It can boost the immune system


Smiling as well as laughing can also encourage the discharge of serotonin. Similar to endorphins, serotonin, is actually a neurotransmitter that contributes to your well-being as well as happiness making you feel better.

In addition to that, serotonin has several positive benefits and one of which is boosting one’s immune system. As a result, smiling and laughter really is one of the most effective types of medicines.

5. Smiling releases emotions or feelings that have been burdening you

A good laugh or a simple smile can aid you to release negative feelings as well as emotions which have been staying on your mind for a long time. Whenever you feel sad or had a very bad day, listening to your favorite can be a great idea as it will remind you that happiness is still an in force emotion through pain and stress which can change your entire view of the day.

6. It helps in overcoming grief

Together with looking for things which can make you laugh or smile most especially during the times of grief, a simple smile can actually discharge feel-good neurons which may possibly function to smother and eventually overcome the grief that you feel.


There is no doubt, smiling can help you feel better not only emotionally but mentally and physically as well. So if you are feeling sad or have a big problem try to crack a smile. However, if you cannot find any reason to smile, you can simply watch a funny video, read funny comics, or call some of your friends. You can also even read the term feel better and smile. According to research, by simply reading particular words might have a similar effect.

However, despite the fact that some researchers claim the advantages of smiling can be only solidified from real happiness, other researchers have discovered that even a forced or fake smile can make a person happy and feel better even though his/her current surroundings and mood suggest otherwise. Either way, it only takes laughing or smiling for a short period of time in order to reap its benefits.

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