The Importance of Smiling

Most people see smiling as an involuntary response to events and things that can bring laughter or joy. And although this observation is certainly true, what most people don’t realize is that smiling can also be a voluntary response as a powerful and conscious choice.

Numerous scientific studies revealed that a genuine smile is considered attractive to others around us. While some studies also shed light on how smiling can elevate not only your mood but also those around you.

More importantly, there are other studies claiming that just the act of smiling, which is making the physical facial movements and shapes, whether an act or the result of genuine joy, can have both long and short-term benefits on people’s overall health and well-being.


But, if ever you are still not convinced after all that, then I give you 10 reasons as to why smiling every day is important to you and to those around you!

1. Smiling Elevates Your Mood

The next time you are feeling sad or down, try smiling. There is a good chance that your mood will change for the better. Smiling helps in tricking the body to elevate your mood since the physical act of smiling can actually activate positive neural messaging in your brain.

A simple smile helps trigger the release of mood-boosting neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine as well as neural communication-boosting neuropeptides. Just think of smiling as a natural anti-depressant.

2. Smiling Relieves Stress


Stress can fill your entire being and show up in your face. However, smiling not only prevents you from looking overwhelmed, worn down or tired, but it can actually help in reducing stress.

And whether you believe it or not, it does not change the fact that smiling can lower stress. Even if you do not feel like smiling, smiling when stressed, will help you and those around you reap the stress-reducing benefits.

3. Smiling Improves Your Immune System

The simple act of smiling also helps in boosting your overall health. It actually helps your immune system to function more effectively. When you smile, the immune system’s functioning improves since you are more relaxed, thanks to the release of particular neurotransmitters.

4. Smiling Makes You Feel Good


Studies revealed that smiling can release serotonin, endorphins and natural painkillers. Together, these 3 neurotransmitters can make you feel good. Not only do these chemicals help in elevating your mood, but they also help in making your body more relaxed and reduce any physical pain.

5. Smiling Makes You Look More Youthful

Smiling not only makes you look more attractive, but it also helps you look younger! The muscles that you use when smiling also lift the face which makes you appear younger.

So, rather than doing a facelift, try smiling every day— you will definitely look younger and also feel better.

6. Smiling is Contagious

How many times does a single smile lighten up a whole room? Smiling not only has the power to elevate your mood, but this act also helps change the mood of other people and make things happier.

The part of your brain which is responsible for controlling facial expressions of smiling is the unconscious automatic response area. This means that smiling can be a completely unconscious act, especially when it comes to the habit of copying another individual’s smile. So, yes, it is proven by science that smiles are highly “contagious”!

7. Smiling Makes You Trustworthy

In a psychological perspective, an individual who smiles often appears to be more trustworthy than those who are either holds a neutral expression or frowning.

A study explored the potential connection between a model’s attractiveness, perceived level of trustworthiness and intensity of her smile. Study participants ranked 45 models on these conditions and revealed that the bigger the models smiled, the more trustworthy they look.

8. Smiling Makes You Look Successful

Studies revealed that people who smile regularly seems more confident and are more likely to be approached or promoted. So, when attending business appointments or meeting, try putting a huge smile on your face. You might find that people can react to you very differently than having neural expression.

9. Smiling Re-Trains Your Brain

Although the brain is naturally prone to think negative terms as a defense mechanism, a routine act of smiling can help the mind move to a more positive place and remain there for longer the more you smile.

When you smile every day, you help the brain create happiness loops which encourage a more positive-thinking pattern.

10. Smiling Boost Productivity

The benefits of putting a smile on your face do not begin and end with an elevated mood. That dose of happiness can help in making you a more productive individual as well. A study found out the happiness has a causal effect on productivity.

Smiles are Free!

Smile— this all-around mood booster is one of the few things available to you every day at no cost whatsoever. Now, why not take such a positive thing in order to create your own happiness and to others?

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